bicycle trailer
VK Bicycle Trailers for 5 – 25 bicycles

VK International provides:

  • practical and reliable transport solutions for up to 25 bicycle
  • bicycle protection with a full range of two-wheel covers
  • loads of room thanks to the VK bicycle lift
  • the best bicycle lock in the world; the VK double lock
  • ideal sitting position with the VK saddle adjuster
  • dry, warm feet with VK rain shoes

VK International has been manufacturing reliable bicycle accessories for your long-term enjoyment since 1982. VK products are used daily by professional customers, professional cyclists, recreational cyclists and by people who use their bicycle as an environmentally friendly mode of transport.

As an A-brand VK has an outstanding international distributor network.

You will always find a VK dealer in your neighbourhood.

bicycle carrier
VK Carrier for 5 and 6 bicycles

VK Double Lock

VK Saddle-adjuster

VK Rainshoes