VK ALL IN ONE bicycle carrier®

Storing, transporting and delivering bicycles without damage are now much simpler and more costeffective thanks to VK’s innovative ALL IN ONE bicycle carrier®. Compact stackable and suitable for nearly all bicycle variants.

Storage problems in warehouses or trucks are a thing of the past thanks to the solution provided by the VK ALL IN ONE. This cleverly designed bicycle carrier accommodates five bicycles with a tyre width up to 75 mm. The geometry is unimportant; each bicycle can be secured in position in seconds and without damage.

The compact but strong design means that three VK ALL IN ONE bicycle carriers® can be easily stacked on top of each other using a forklift truck. The result is no less than fifteen bicycles on a footprint of just three square metres. Instead of a struggling for space as you did in the past, you now have even more room for storage.

You can also load more bicycles into a truck now. A forklift truck can load two stacked VK ALL IN ONE carriers simultaneously, i.e. 10 bicycles in a single loading operation. So loading can be completed quickly and without damage in just a few minutes. The same applies to unloading. A pallet truck can also be used to move 10 bicycles at the time onto the vehicle’s tailgate.

The maximum weight VK ALL IN ONE: 43,15 kN / 4.400 kg. Price of 4 tubes Ø 60,3 mm x 3 mm x 130 cm: € 75,00 excl. VAT, ex works
Sizes: 200 cm x 150 cm
Weight:90 kg